We Are Citizens Who Love Naples

We are a group of citizens and retired and active business leaders who have lived in Naples for decades and love this community. We are concerned because we see history might be repeating itself in Naples, in a bad way.

Why we are concerned

In the 1990’s a group of residents campaigned to stop change and growth, believing they were doing the right thing to preserve Naples’ charm and quality of life. They elected a “no growth” slate to City Council.

Variances were opposed for business and personal properties. Hardline stances were made in beautification projects. The business community was curtailed from improving their properties to meet the growing demands.

5th Avenue South and Third Street South actually began to decline; physical deterioration became rampant, and empty store fronts became overwhelming.

As Citizens who Love Naples, we cherish Naples and want to see the community thrive. The City can’t expand, because of its boundaries. We are already developed. We encourage controlled redevelopment to maintain a vibrant, balanced community.

The current City council has shown great leadership in improving our community, and we want that to continue.

Most importantly, in the City’s last special election, the great majority of residents didn’t vote. Some areas of the community had much higher voter turnout. This can have a dramatic result for your future.

If you love Naples and want to continue to have your property values improve and your quality of life strengthened, we ask you to “Stay the Course” with the Mayor and the Council Members who support this balanced direction.

Citizens Who Love Naples

Jim Rideoutte – Registered Agent

Bill Maclivaine – Treasurer

Mike Assaad

Nya Little

Garrett Richter

Susan Wood

George Dondanville

Tary Kettle

Dolph von Arx

Adam Smith

Bruce Barone

Stan Karpf

Joseph McCabe

Michele Lenhard

Dee Sulick

Matthew Kragh

Linda Black

John Turner

Ronald Soulard

Jodie Tobin

Moe Kent

John Cooney

Bruce Selfon

Frank Falcone

Cindy Myers

Bruce Hamels

Philip McCabe

Fred Pezeshkan

David Hoffman

Jerry Smith

Karla Kettle

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